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A Korean engineering & technology consulting company in the smart factory area, is looking for international partners interested in intelligent machine diagnosis & machine data AI analysis solution under a subcontracting or commercial agency agreement

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Data di creazione: 24-11-2021

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A Korean company has developed a smart factory system to analyse the conditions and faults of the machinery in the industry by using accumulated big data and state-of-the-art AI software. A wide variety of rotating machinery applications can be diagnosed by their system, allowing for real-time monitoring of the machine’s condition. The company is seeking potential partners interested in intelligent machine diagnosis & machine data AI analysis solutions under subcontracting or commercial agency.


Today's industry uses increasingly complex machines while attempting to diagnose faults in them is often a difficult task for operators. Many maintenance staff in process industries have stressful jobs for finding faults. Fault diagnosis would be conducted typically by eye measurements or outdated data analytics. Failure in machines caused by the missed diagnosis can lead to economic loss or serious safety problems due to unexpected events. As a result, the real-time condition monitoring is needed for effective fault diagnoses by implementing intelligent diagnosis strategies.

The Korean company, established in 2014, has applied artificial intelligence(AI) technology in big data analytics for fault diagnosis of rotating machinery. The company has accumulated a lot of big data with the exclusive state-of-the-art AI software through controlled rotating machinery. The software performs real-time condition monitoring and fault diagnosis of rotating machinery by implementing artificial intelligence in big data analytics. Operators can easily install the software on their devices and check the machinery's condition and faults directly. Should problems occur, it quickly informs operators of them so that it would be possible to turn machinery into 'Smart Machinery.'

The technology can be applied to various manufacturers, such as factories, energy plants, petrochemical plants, vessels, cars, airplanes, and even conveyor belt factories. The applications can be applied to most industries because the big data technology can classify machine's conditions and faults into their database. The technology has been applied to mechanical elements, such as bearings, motors, gears, planetary gears, fans, blades, and belts. For example, the bearing database has more than 200,000 data from 27 global manufacturers. They also have data on diagnosing machine faults accumulated for 38 years in the engineering sector. The AI technology also enables experts or managers to diagnosis the machines directly from a computer. In addition, they offer facility advisor services to increase their client's competitiveness by managing the equipment in a stable and efficient manner without an initial investment cost.

Currently, the company is conducting the majority of its business in South Korea. While they have accumulated a number of impressive domestic references, entrance into the global market is crucial for its business to grow. Thus the company is seeking active support from the EEN in order to grow its international presence and explore new frontiers when it comes to the global manufacturing market. There are only so many industrial facilities in Korea and the company seeks to broaden its horizons in its search for new clients.

The company hopes that they can find partner companies who can work as licensed agents and help find new local sales leads. For every successful contract, a pre-agreed percentage of the contract money will go to the partner. The company will then provide the necessary engineering & software support for the technology to be installed while the partner company provides language interpretation or other types of help in a minor support role.

The company is also looking for potential partners under subcontracting agreements who are interested in intelligent machine diagnosis & machine data AI analysis solution. The potential partners can apply their software and applications to a wide range of machinery or factories, such as energy plants, petrochemical plants, vessels, cars, etc.

Advantages & innovations

The real-time condition monitoring based on artificial intelligence in big data analytics for fault diagnosis of rotating machinery has substantial advantages: economic profits, downtime for scheduled maintenance, and early warnings of potential failures. The real-time condition monitoring can reduce maintenance costs up to 50%, including labor cost, repair cost, etc. Also, the innovative solution can shorten the time of scheduled maintenance up to 40%. The company provides user-friendly software for unskilled operators with to handle potential faults with ease. The software sends informative alerts to maintenance staff with early warnings of potential failures. Analysis of vibration and noise is carried out for detecting irregularities and faults without maintenance or disassembly. The vibration analysis method is including axis tension, pipe stress, structural vibration, etc. The software also offers irregular cases of the trend analysis of existing machine data. It analyses the trends and the frequency parameters of machine data (vibration) in real-time so that machine irregularities and faults can be automatically and quickly diagnosed to inform the user. In the existing machine management technology, operators could classify and diagnose parameters to find faults up to 5-6 parameters; however, the company's technology classifies precisely up to 30 parameters for each machine characteristic automatically. The company has recently launched new integrated software that combines its existing software with augmented reality(AR) technology. The new technology provides the AR function on smart glasses or industrial tablets for fault diagnosis of rotating machinery. Artificial intelligence, big data diagnosis, and augmented reality are all combined in this cutting-edge technology.

Stage of development

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