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A Korean GIS (Geographic information system)-based platform company is looking for a joint R&D partner to develop a digital twin solution for pollutant diffusion and propagation under the research cooperation agreement

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Data di creazione: 18-11-2021

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A Korean SME has developed a 3D GIS-based digital twin platform featuring data visualisation and application for smart city. The company is planning to develop the solutions that can monitor and predict pollutants’ diffusion by water or wind on the digital twin platform. To apply for Eureka and Eurostars, the company is looking for partners which have expertise in simulation with a physical model of the application and an IoT based measurement system under the research cooperation agreement


In order to solve environmental disasters such as spreading hazardous chemicals toward crowded city, the smart city technology and platform have been received much attention. The value of the platform lies in reducing human casualties and economic losses.

To be a leading solution provider in smart city industry, a Korean SME specialized in GIS based digital twin service is going to develop a competitive platform and application service for disaster prediction and warning system caused by hazardous chemical.

Through the international joint R&D project, the company would like to develop the system that can predict the diffusion route of hazardous substances and provide countermeasures for minimizing damage such as human casualties. With its own diffusion equation-based model, high accuracy prediction can be provided in conjunction with boundary conditions and several key parameters. To increase the accuracy and reliability of the system, it is very important to acquire 3D modelling and atmospheric conditions data (e.g. Temperature, pressure, etc.).

The company is looking for R&D partners with expertise in acquiring, processing, transmitting, and database construction of 3D modelling and IoT sensor data to apply Eureka or Eurostars programme under the research cooperation agreement.

[R&D project reference of Korean company]
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Advantages & innovations

The prospective outcomes of the project, GIS platform, would be expected to have innovative aspects as follows; - Converging environmental analysis into digital twin system is expected to lead technological innovation to reduce damage costs caused by the spread and propagation of pollutants. - By applying the IoT, data, and 3D geospatial technologies that the company already possesses to the platform, the performance and usability of the platform can be maximized. - The prospective platform enables real time prediction of natural disaster with related data from sensor network and help to control the situation effectively. - GIS based digital twin with environmental analysis makes new business area in environmental assessment and help policy decision making.

Stage of development

Prototype available for demonstration

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