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Additive manufacturing in veterinary medicine – seeking partners to develop and launch novel products

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Data di creazione: 09-05-2022

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Summary A German company seeks to push the development and production of novel products for veterinary medicine using additive manufacturing (AM) technologies and applications. The company provides AM equipment, machinery, know-how in AM product development or the set-up of AM production sites. Partners sought are industry insider-founders or well established companies active in the veterinary market willing to adopt AM technologies. Joint venture agreements are sought.


The German company offers expert technological support and know-how in developing and accelerating additive manufacturing (AM) solutions, product development including AM equipment and machinery, development support, the setup of pilot factories and scale-up.
The German company possesses expert know-how in the field of AM machinery, materials and software as well as in the set-up and use of state-of-the-art industrial AM equipment and is networked with the main actors in the 3D printing industry.
The aim of the company is to drive the development of new types of products such as implants, prostheses, orthoses or specially manufactured surgical tools for veterinary medicine using AM and to launch them in international markets with suitable partners via joint venture agreements. The focus is either on breeding and racing animals, farm animals or pets.
AM has many advantages: extremely energy and resource efficient, low cost of prototypes, tailor-made / artificial intelligence (AI) supported design, complex geometries, homogeneous material properties, reduction of inventories through production on demand, assemblies can be manufactured in single parts, potential of mass production.
Potential partners, either founders or well-established companies, should be active in the veterinary market. They should develop, produce or sell in the above categories and be willing and motivated to adopt AM technologies.

Technical Specification or Expertise Sought The company is looking for partners with experience in designing, developing and/or certifying products such as implants, protheses, orthoses or surgical tools for veterinary medicine. The potential partner should be willing to exchange knowledge and to cooperate in the development of products and technologies leveraging the potential of AM. This involves the optimisation of existing processes and products as well as the development of novel products. The specific applications should carry market potential and should at best be protected by intellectual property right owned by the partner.

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