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Spanish company expert in agroindustrial biomass upcycling strategies is open for collaboration in circular bioeconomy initiatives for the recovery of plant bioactive compounds.

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Data di creazione: 14-01-2022

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Spanish company from Madrid with expertise in the extraction, chemical characterization and purification of bioactive compounds from plants has developed an innovative business model for the extraction of bioactive compounds from by-products. The collaboration types they are interested in are manufacturing agreements and research cooperation agreements.


The Spanish company with expertise in the extraction, chemical characterization, purification of bioactive compounds from plants, as well as preclinical and clinical scientific support, develops products for food supplements/nutraceutical market and cosmetic and personal care products.

The company works in a bioeconomical and sustainable basis, through a new innovative model which integrates environmental, social and economic sustainability, by-products valorisation, innovation, scientific support and competitiveness for the production of new solutions for the market.

The company is looking for Manufacturing agreements and Research cooperation agreements among Universities, R&D Institutions, SMEs and MNEs, as well as those in the framework of Research and Innovation Programmes (LIFE, Horizon Europe, etc.)

Advantages & innovations

The company´s competitive advantages are a wide know how in strategies for the by-pass integration of innovative processes, resultant biomass permit downstream valorisation technologies, thus contributing to the economical sustainability of the whole value chain and the development of processes for the recovery of valuable phytochemicals from agroindustrial biomass, based on technical and economical feasibility, preliminary studies and innovative technologies. One of the company´s major achievements has been the development of the first olive by-products biorefinery worldwide, for the production of olive based natural ingredients for targeted markets. Additional previous raw materials which the company has worked with account with grape/vine by-products, citrus, pomegranate, artichoke, tobacco plant and coffee. Their main innovations are as follows: Bioactive compounds extraction and purification: Applying innovative extraction technologies (microwave/ultrasound assisted extraction, supercritical fluid extraction, solid liquid extraction) and purification technologies (tangential flow membrane ultra and micro filtration, industrial chromatography, differential solubility purification, crystallization, molecular distillation), to agricultural and forest biomass for the recovery of high added value bioactive compounds on a cascade approach. Innovative technology: The company has developed a new and revolutionary concept of plant extraction based on a simultaneous concentration of the different phytochemical compounds of the plant that respects the original plant profile and substantially improves the effectiveness of the extract. This technology enables: 1) substantially more effective than traditional plant-based ingredients and 2) closer to the actual plant profile, since the activity of a plant is not only due to one active compound but to the combination of the diverse phytochemicals of different nature present in that plant.

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