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Visualizing Relationships Between Entities

Stato: Idea
Data di creazione: 06-04-2021

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Challenge Details
The Ministry of Justice's Integrity and Screening Agency (Justis) is responsible for providing information to all controlling and/or regulatory authorities (e.g. the police), in case the latter suspects legal entities to be involved in misconduct or fraud. At the moment, Justis collects various data including associated locations, individuals, and other legal entities. This data is acquired through different sources, such as Dutch and foreign commerce registers, land registries, and the internet (OSINT). Based on this data, Justis provides its end user with a product that is called a “Network Drawing,” a drawing that shows the relevant relationships between the (legal) persons/entities involved, and the persons and companies involved. It also contains info on the relevant bankruptcies and dissolutions of researched entities.

The above mentioned process and end-product have been unaltered for many years.Therefore, Justis is looking at innovative solutions on multiple fronts that can bring change. Firstly, and most importantly, they are looking for solutions that, using the available data, can provide alternative end products to the Network Drawing that they currently provide. Examples of solutions can be data visualization, presentation, and/or ordering solutions. Secondly, and ancillary to the first point, they are looking for solutions that can help automate the whole process and make more use of OSINT data than at current. All solution-providers for this need can be candidates for a pilot with the Dutch Ministry of Justice and Security. If your solution can be used to visualise, automate, and/or collect data, we are looking for you! All solution providers that provide in this need can be a candidate for a pilot with the Dutch Ministry of Justice and Security. If your solution can be used to visualise, automate and/or collect data we are looking for you!

This challenge is part of the Ministry of Justice and Security Hub-Startups initiative. Through this initiative, the ministry involves both internal and external parties and takes the cooperation with tech companies to the next level. This is accomplished through a structural platform for cooperation between the different departments and startups. In short, a platform that identifies, unlocks and realizes opportunities for both the Ministry and the solution provider.

Practical Details
The challenge owners will select the top applicants, who will be invited for selection day. The top applicants get the chance to share their solution with key stakeholders from the Ministry of Justice and Security. Afterwards the top three will be invited to participate in the tender process, which will determine who will be selected for the collaboration (PoC/Pilot).

Participating in this pilot will provide the following benefits:
  • Receive development and pilot budget
  • Access to the growing Ministry of Justice and Security network, which provides access to scaling opportunities in other ministries, but also municipalities and police departments
  • For the duration of the program, access to a mentoring and support program provided by TNW, which involves mentoring and training sessions in various topics, and also an open door to the Dutch tech ecosystem and interesting events



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