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A Croatian design SME is looking for partners with expertise in circular knitting for developing and manufacturing a customized stretch tube knit product to cooperate under a research and development cooperation agreement

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Data di creazione: 28-04-2023

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Short summary A Croatian multidisciplinary design firm with over 25 years of experience in providing specialized design services seeks a business partner who can act as a collaborator that brings their technical expertise in developing custom weaves and patterns, as well as their manufacturing expertise in creating a circular knit weave product series to the joint design and development of a working prototype. The company is looking for cooperation under a research and development cooperation agreement.

Full description The Croatian design firm provides specialized design services for the R&D of products, services, environments and experiences. They have over 25 years of experience and have completed over 500 projects in the U.S., Europe and Japan. The company was founded and led by two creatives from San Francisco (California, USA) and Zagreb (Croatia, EU). They met in Kyoto, Japan, where they completed post-graduate studies sponsored by the Monbukagakusho scholarship from the Japanese government. The company’s expertise is applicable in a broad spectrum of fields. It provides design, research and advisory services for organizations, helping them make smarter design decisions and direct the entire development process. The company has developed a concept design for an after-market accessory for prosumer and consumer electronics made from stretch knit materials. Therefore, it seeks a partner with expertise in using circular knitting machines for manufacturing customized stretch tube knit weaves and patterns for the co-development of a working knit prototype and further joint commercialization. The company wishes to establish cooperation under a research and development cooperation agreement. This type of agreement would enable the company to integrate its expertise in design with the technical expertise of its partner to create a high-quality product that enhances the user experience. It is seeking a collaborator who is interested in being a joint stakeholder in the development of the prototype and would, in return, benefit from acting as a partner on the market. The Croatian SME is open to joint branding and commercialization of its innovation. All the cooperation details and further information about the product will be discussed with the potential partners upon the initial contact.

Advantages and innovations The company’s competitive advantage is a combination of: - international experience, - cross-cultural understanding, - academic rigor, - and practical know-how. All that is evident through over 500 projects completed in the U.S., Europe and Japan. The company’s founders are skilled in advanced design and research methodologies, and have intermediate Japanese language knowledge. The company’s founders’ contributions have been recognized internationally, with projects receiving: - Red Dot Design Award - Good Design Award, Japan - Japan Ministry of the Environment Award: Special Greening Technology Category - Urban Land Institute Global Award for Excellence, U.S. - IA/HUD Secretary’s Housing Community by Design Award for Excellence in Affordable Housing Design The innovativeness of this product is in its novel application of existing technology to meet new needs. There is no similar product on the market. Thus, it presents significant economic potential. The partnership also provides prospective partners with the potential to expand their capabilities into new markets.

Technical Specification or Expertise Sought The company is looking for partners with expertise in: - using circular knitting machines for manufacturing circular stretch knit weaves, - the customization of knit weaves used to enable different forms of performance in the knit material, - the customization of knit patterns to create visual patterns using a selected palette of yarn colors, - and the selection of materials in regard to durability, performance, sustainability and color. Expertise in whole garment flat knitting machines is a plus but not required.
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