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A Slovak high-added value biowaste valorisation company is looking for a consortium for HORIZON-MISS-2023-SOIL-01 topics.

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Data di creazione: 20-04-2023

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Short summary The company is the owner of the unique innovative process that turns biowaste into value-certified biochar-based pellet-sized soil regenerator and low-emission bio-fuel (bio-CNG, bio-LNG and biomethane). Our client´s vision is to perform this recycling of energy, material and organic matter in real-time in the place of biowaste origin and product consumption. The process is energy-independent and waste-free. They look for consortiums applying for the HORIZON-MISS-2023-SOIL-01 call.

Full description Slovak SME actively providing circular economy solutions invented a unique patented process of turning waste into value by processing biodegradable waste of municipal or industrial origin, waste from farming and animal production. On the output, they produce a certified biochar-based pellet-sized soil regenerator and low-emission bio-fuel. Their biochar-based regeneration substrate is 100% natural, chemical-free, and environmentally friendly. During its production, the manufacturer is able to regulate its future properties according to farmer's requirements. It is impossible in cases of other amendments such as: peat, animal manures, plant residues and their products, compost, vermicompost. It has a significant liming effect, optimal nutrient content and ratios, high sorption capacity. In comparison to other amendments, it decreases CO2 and N2O from soil to the atmosphere and reduces GHG emissions. The process is based on the original R&D of the company and its strategic partners. The production process, products and equipment for the treatment of food waste and biomass and production of regeneration substrate are protected by 4 domestic and 2 International patents in 57 countries. The company was awarded a Seal of Excellence in EIC Accelerator in 2020. They wish to participate as the project partner in the following roles: - a local pilot facility for processing bio-waste and turning it into a soil improver with specific composition based on the needs of a local soil - platform solution that integrates solutions of other producers (e.g. fertilizers) into new bio-based soil improving and fertilizing products - validation case for a business model based on a closed-loop process that works in a perimeter of 100km and serves local community stakeholders - participate in testing and verifying safety of a soil improver and the process of its production - participate in the monitoring of the pre-market processes by measuring the effectiveness of the process and economic feasibility for target clients

Advantages and innovations Process: - Solution to bio-waste: the production of soil regenerator deals with the issue of bio-waste and has positive local impacts - Production side effects: the production of soil regenerator also produces further usable waste energy - Effective application process: pelletizing the bio-substrate allows for effective transportation and application process - Sustainability: treatment of constantly produced bio-waste ensures unlimited recycling - Zero-waste and energy-independent process, patented, licensable Soil regenerator: Environmental benefits: - Natural, chemical-free fertilizer: made on the basis of biochar and a natural nutrient - Retention of water in soil: a “spongy” macrostructure of biochar retains moisture in the soil - Soil revitalization: increasing pH of acidic soils and heavy metal soil remediation - Improvement of soil characteristics: substrate reclaims the soil of lower quality and eliminates soil erosion - Restoration of natural processes: substrate improves chemical, physical and biological soil characteristics Economic benefits: - Higher fertility and production capacity of soil: the one-off increase of harvest of 10-100% and a long-term increase of production capacity of soils - Cost reduction: substantially reduces the need to apply fertilizers and the amount of irrigation - Soil development: cultivates the soil and protects the manufacturing resource
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