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An Italian company is searching technical know-how in the field battery pack production technology under manufacturing agreement

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Data di creazione: 11-04-2022

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Summary This Italian SME has developed a state-of-the-art lithium iron phosphate battery pack concept. The company wants to extend its mission from product developer to producer of battery packs. This SME is looking for manufacturing agreement with European companies equipped with all those production technologies required for battery packs assembly: production lines, specific processes like laser welding of poles, data management etc.


This company was established in 2014 in northern Italy and is specialized in diesel engine design and development.
Since several years the company has started an initiative in the field of powertrain electrification (full or hybrid) with particular focus on off-road vehicles and machinery. Within this technology the battery pack is the core and the current market is not able to offer suitable components to fit most of machines. Tailor made battery packs are required. The company identified as its new mission to offer in the market tailor made battery packs for this peculiar applications: customized as a battery pack but constituted by different assembly of standard modules. The battery packs will be formed by assembling outsourced battery cells in modules and by assembling modules in a more complex battery pack.
The cooperation will be based on sharing product features and production requirements from the Italian company side and production technology potential features from the partner side, in order to jointly build a comprehensive and balanced partnership: the output of the partnership will be a state of the art product, fully industrialized with top quality standard.
The company is interested in manufacturing agreement with European companies equipped with Industry 4.0 technologies to collaborate to set up a production line in Italy.

Technical Specification or Expertise Sought The production process of modules and battery packs required some very specific technologies, in particular: laser welding of poles, assembly lines with a certain level of automation, data management system to qualify to Industry 4.0 program (data monitoring, parts tracing, quality control etc.). The company is searching such competences in order to set up a production line which has to be flexible in different terms: flexible in volumes, in product mix and product features.

Stage of development Already on the market

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