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Call for Proposals for Factory for #ChallengeMyCity Madrid. Challenge A: Logistics hub for green last mile delivery

Stato: Idea
Data di creazione: 29-04-2022

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Challenge description
Last mile delivery hub in one of the parking areas available in the city centre of Madrid, where a company, or a consortium of companies, are requested to manage and operate the space to collect goods from large distribution industry and deliver them to the final client by means of green and zero emission vehicles (cargo bikes, electric vehicles, etc.). The characteristics of this hub can be (but not limited to) the following: last mile distribution of goods from/to the HoReCa channel, or a logistics hub for private use where citizens can collect their orders. The allocated space would be at least 150 m2. The applicant can be a SME/Start-up proposing innovative last mile delivery vehicles or methods, and it can partner with or subcontract a logistic operator if needed, respecting the best value for money principle. Innovation can then be demonstrated by proposing an innovative last-mile service for the city, and also by proposing new ways of delivery (e.g. using innovative e-bikes, cargo-bikes, AVs, delivery optimisation software, etc.). Currently the city of Madrid does not have any logistics micro hub for sustainable last mile delivery. Therefore, it would like to make a test to then launch a long-term call for the integration of these kind of services in multiple spots in the city. If the proposed solutions have additional features that provide benefits towards the end-user’s experience, service quality, city integrability or environmental impact, they will be positively evaluated. This may include enhancements such as energy self-sufficiency, renewable power supply, efficiency systems of logistics operations, delivery of cold products, heavy-weight cargo-bike capacity, etc. The successful applicant will be responsible for the installation, operation and maintenance of the solution implemented throughout the pilot period.

Technical requirements when starting the test for Challenge A
The awarded provider will have to manage the installation of the necessary equipment and the maintenance of the infrastructure equipment of the hub (not the spaces of the parking area that are managed by a municipal operator). It will have to coordinate the management of its activity with the parking operator

Expected outcomes and impact
The provider will have to demonstrate the climate impact of the logistics hub in contributing to lower CO2 emissions regarding deliveries in its area of operation, and the potential to create new jobs, thus contributing to the development of sustainable logistics in the city. Applicants must propose performance and climate impact potential metrics and will be required to provide real pilot data in the final month of the pilot implementation. This is to be shared with EIT Urban Mobility and its suppliers for the impact assessment. The data should be exploitable by these parties and therefore be compliant with GDPR rules. Lead Partners are also encouraged to provide further data, including feedback directly from users, to complement the evaluation of impact. The evaluation of impact will allow the solution providers to demonstrate the benefits generated by their product or service, allowing them to de-risk their solution and obtain a significantly strengthened market position. In order to address gender bias, special consideration will be taken regarding how proposals strive for gender equality in aspects related to the pilot operation

Source / contact: Just launched! Call for Proposals for Factory: #ChallengeMyCity - Madrid - EIT Urban mobility