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Cellular network communication system solutions for increasing and optimizing capacity and coverage , are offered to partners willing to collaborate through commercial agreements with technological assistance or research cooperation agreements.

Stato: Idea
Data di creazione: 24-05-2023

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Short summary Internet based services and networks providers, struggle to breakthrough special locations were reliable and secure connections are difficult to achieve. A Spanish company focused in technology developments (antennas, cellular communication, secure communication), offers its technological solutions, for sectoral innovation agents willing to collaborate in new developments under commercial agreements with technological assistance or research cooperation agreements

Full description The Spanish communications technology company, develops produces and markets a wide range of electronic goods and solutions, for private customers, companies, mobile network operators and public sector customers (municipalities, councils, governments, etc.. ). Prepared to produce automatic directional antennas of wide range CPE's, especially indicated for difficult situations where the Internet and therefore the signal is bad and or weak. Essential for activities that depend on the existence of Internet access, such as: Teleworking, Telemedicine, Surveillance, Security, Leisure, Control and operation of the agricultural and livestock sectors and others. The company solutions are set for: 1) Cellular communication. They manufacture equipment for mobile networks, such as multiband networks, BTS's, Repeaters, BBU, RRU, CPE's directional antennas that work with the latest technologies for mobile network operators. Likewise, they develop spectrum monitoring systems and "Test-drive" systems for the analysis of mobile networks. Radiogoniometers for regulatory authorities and mobile network operators. Private pLTE networks for factories, companies and all kinds of emergency situations (earthquakes, floods, fires, police, army, catastrophes in general) or wherever private communication is necessary. Perimeter surveillance through advanced perimeter surveillance radars and threat detectors, developed for the protection of goods and infrastructures, such as Hotels, Tourist Complexes, Coastal Safeguarding, Industrial Estates, Agriculture Fields,... 2) Satellite communication. They provide secure satellite communication system with advanced satellite interference detector for the best qualitative communication. 3) Secure communication. Solutions to offer maximum security and protection of your company's communications over long distances. 4) Besides the solutions offered, the company also realizes activites that complete their innovation approach. Their study and/or consulting services, complies a full range of enngineering, design and production for clients with communication infrastructures needs on one side, and on the other, research, development and production needs for clients of cellular systems solutions For both types of innovation processes, tasks as customized site search, solutions analysis, launch of small and large-scale monitoring systems, and advice and technical support are also provided. The company already with international experience, its open to cooperate for new developments worldwide, preferably in Latam and EU, and looks for innovation partners from the communications and networks sectors in order to set new co-development systems and products.

Advantages and innovations Company solutions innovations and advantages allow/provide: *Improve Internet access in areas where the signal is very bad or practically non-existent, for use in all activities. * Through special and unique antennas improve the strength and quality of the signal. * Establish algorithms that allow you to find the best position of them. * Integrated and automated systems that allow antennas to be oriented autonomously with the greatest efficiency. * Allow access to the Internet in remote areas. * In catastrophic or uncommunicated areas create cellular communication system instantly for communication of employees, agents or forces that need to act urgently. * Provide information for customized solutions that meet the needs and preferences of end users. * Control and protect large areas of land and their assets from all kinds of threats. * Bring telecommunication access in underground areas and tunnels such as Mines, Suburban Metro, Trains, Garages

Technical Specification or Expertise Sought The company expects partners with experience, knowledge and activities in fields related to communications supply and digital services provision, willing to test, develop or implement innovative solutions to ameliorate their products/services coverage and capacities.

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