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Development expertise in special machinery and automation sought

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Data di creazione: 06-09-2023

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Short summary A German SME produces hot-top insulation for ingots in steel casting. The company is looking for a research service provider to improve manufacturing process of the hot top insulation. The SME is offering a research cooperation agreement.

Full description Hot-top insulation is used in the casting of metals and alloys. The hot-top area is part of the casting process and is located at the top of the ingot. Hot-top insulation is used to keep the heat in the hot-top area and thus slow down the solidification of the metal. The slag used to produce the insulation plates consists of a mix of shredded materials (e.g. paper or ceramic fibres). A German company wishes to improve its semi-automatic production process. This includes, for example, the precise adjustment of sensors, the transport mechanism or the filling process. The company is seeking a R&D institution – university, public or private research institute – that can support the company in the development (technical concept, feasibility) and prototyping (engineering and demonstration support) of a pilot machine at a production site in the western part of North Rhine-Westphalia near the Dutch border. The aim is to improve a semi-automatic plate forming machine. The improvements are intended to enable the production of cambered sheets and reduce scrap through the implementation of a tilting mechanism and other improvements. The contract will be twofold: Feasibility Project: • Study regarding the feasibility of the design and engineering requirements of the machine • Validation of the engineering plans for the new system, including CAD drawings, specifications, and a bill of materials. Demonstration Project: • Engineering and assembly guidance of pilot plant • Performance testing and analysis results to validate the system's accuracy, efficiency and effectiveness. The company offers a research cooperation agreement. It is looking for research institutions that are active in the field of special machine development, mechanical engineering and/or automation.

Technical Specification or Expertise Sought Current state of technical requirements: Finely Adjustable Sensors • The system should have sensors capable of precise adjustment with millimetre accuracy for moving the dryer plates underneath the panel finisher. • The adjustment should allow for the production of cambered sheets by placing panels on cambered dryer plates. • The panel construction should be adaptable to accommodate higher camber for trouble-free operation under the plate finisher. Transport Mechanism • The current chain-based transport mechanism for the dryer plates should be replaced with a rail-based transport system to achieve higher accuracy. • The rail-based system should ensure smooth and precise movement of the dryer plates. Tilting Mechanism • A tilting mechanism should be incorporated to reduce scrap material by approximately 90%. • The surplus mixture should be collected on a frame, and after the mould is completely filled, ' the frame should tilt backward, depositing the excess mixture into a collection device. • The collected mixture can be reused for subsequent plate production. • The tilting mechanism should be adjustable based on the height of the individual plates to prevent damage during the process. Filling Process • The filling of the moulding table should be performed using a pump instead of a filling trolley, allowing for more efficient production. • The agitator tanks should be positioned below the table rather than above it. Quick-Clamping System (Optional) • Consideration should be given to implementing a quick-clamping system for attaching the required mould onto the semi-automatic plate paver.

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