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Patented and innovative electromagnetic (EM) shielding textile for personal protection against radio waves

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Data di creazione: 13-10-2021

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A Dutch SME wants to commercialize innovative textiles for personal protection, mainly against radio waves. Based on a patented product technology, the company has developed and tested a new electomagnetic shielding textile which is very soft, thin, tunable, single-layer and double sided. The SME seeks partners and research centers to collaborate under a license agreement or a joint venture agreement or a research cooperation agreement and is open for participating in European funding projects.


The Dutch company is a start-up and is the owner of an EU patented wearable, thin, double side, single layer fabric, fully customizable to shield the human body against electromagnetic (EM) waves.

The product has been developed and tested by a European quality institute and the shielding properties have been verified.

Nowadays, people live surrounded and ‘submerged' in a sea of radio waves emitted from every electronic device (Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, cellphones, smartwatches, wireless technologies).
Amongst all electronic devices, cell phones are used most extensively in our society, and often remain close to the body throughout the whole day and are proven to effect with biological processes.

Shielding fabrics and materials have already been used in garments. EM shielding fabrics on the market today are not comfortable to wear, expensive, not customizable, and thick (generally made with more than 2 layers).

Because of its unique construction, the Dutch company's fabric can be easily implemented in existing products without interfering with their aesthetic, functionality, weight and thickness (for example jackets, trousers, t-shirts, bags, bulletproof vests, coats etc.)
Garments for every-day use with shielding properties have not yet been commercialized due to the lack of innovation in the shielding textile industry. The SME aims to realize trousers, jackets, underwear and other garments where the inner part of the pocket (the one towards the body), as well as other crucial part of products, are made with the shielding textile. This allows the realization of garments able to protect the human body from everyday exposures of electromagnetic radiations.

Men will be able to store their phone inside the pocket of their trousers knowing that the pocket will protect the radio waves emitted from the cell phone (while maintaining the reception and functionality of the phone).

Parents will be able to protect their new-borns from radio waves emitted from cellphones, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and baby monitors, by covers or clothes specifically designed for comfort, hygiene (the textile can be realized with a silver-coated fibre with antibacterial properties), style and protection.

The company is now looking to realize and optimize the textile and to give the company insights not only for the development of tailor-made fabrics for the before mentioned applications, but it will also allow the realization and research necessary to implement such textile into workwear for specific applications such as protection for workers exposed to EM fields.

The SME is open for different types of collaboration and is looking for an industrial partner active in the garment industry, who would be interested in implementing this technology in their (working)garments under a license agreement or joint venture agreement. The company is also interested in other forms of cooperation, including R&D projects bids under programmes such as Horizon Europe, Eurostar's, European Light Industries Innovation and Technology (ELIIT) among others.

Advantages & innovations

The company is addressing an emerging and fast-growing market, still relatively unexplored. The SME is the owner of a European patent for a single layer fabric able to shield the human body against electromagnetic waves. The textile is created in such a way that the single layer can present different yarns in the sides of the single layer fabric. This allows the creation of a thin, single layer shielding fabric that can be put in direct contact with the skin (for instance using a cotton side and a technical side). This makes the textile one of the world's softest and more versatile shielding textile. Because of its unique way of production, this shielding textile is: − Thin (does not interfere with the style / functionality of existing garments) − It can be easily implemented in existing clothing. − Tunable (its versatile production allows the realization of textile with high / low shielding properties, as well as thicknesses that range from “as thin as women's tights/stockings” or “as thick as a sweater”) − Single-layer (does not require the creation of a “sandwich-like” textile, as it currently happens in the market) − Double sided (one side is conductive and the other can be realized with more comfortable fibers like cotton, wool, synthetic or others).

Stage of development

Prototype available for demonstration

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