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Solve and even prevent crimes by using standoff screening and scanning of materials, possible through hyperspectral imaging for forensic detection, pattern comparison and identification, for safety and forensic purposes.

Stato: Idea
Data di creazione: 12-09-2022

Obbiettivi del progetto:

Short summary A Dutch technology company focusses on fast and effective high-end data collection for forensic scientists. The core technology is the Delta R sensing technology which can support the forensic analyst to make significant tasks like detection, pattern comparison, or material identification through optical detection. The company is looking for collaboration in application development, or project development on the basis of the innovative Delta R technology. Full description The Delta R technology is an excellent fit for the forensic market, where optical techniques for forensic investigation provide a feasible approach. The Delta R sensing technology is the development instrument for acedamic and industrial research using differential reflectrometry. It is centred on requirements such as: • Unique Information. Relevant information on different types of materials can be sensed on the basis of the Delta R technology. Applicable to a wide range of quality control, sorting and analysis application • High Sensitivity. The technology is highly accurate and suitable for detecting small quantities of materials • Fast data collection. The system operates in a standoff and autonomous mode, allowing for high throughpout combined with near real-time output whail maintaining high data quality. • Hyphenation Capability. Due to open sensing architecture, combinations of techniques are feasible. Overlaying NIR with Delta R is no problem • Modular. The solutions is highly modular to build, with high accessibility for odd-sized objects. It enables broad applicability for research in a range of forensic applications • Flexible. The Delta R technology allows various types of experimentation through flexible controls The excellent fit for the forensic market will support strongly in solving crimes committed on various gradations. Next to that, when the Delta R technology is used as preventing tool, criminal activities will be discovered before serious criminal action has started.

Advantages and innovations Delta R technology can be applied to a variety of fields and approaches: • It can identify explosives and narcotics in very minute amounts on a surface. The method has been proven to be reliable, fast, non-contact and non destructive. The surface of the object under test is scanned by the movement of either the object or the technology. Highly reliable detection algorithms are available for selected scenarios. • It is likely it can identify substances for forensic relevance, like blood, saliva, semen, and gunshot residue. Delta R technology observes the reflectance of objects. Differentiated substances, like e.g. substances relevant for forensic science, with UV absorbtions are typically readily observable on the surface of these objects on the basis of Delta R spectra. This application is currently being studied within a national collaboration of which the company is part. • It has been shown that Delta R sensors can also be deployed to differentiate between metals and metal oxides of different compositions. In some specific cases, alloy compositions may be established. However, in general, the Delta R technology is capable to differentiate between different metal compositions with very fast screening and near-instant classification of metal compounds. • In general, Delta R technology is capable to operate any application which can rely on a diffentiated UV absorption from the surface on which the contaminant is expected. As long as the UV absorption is there, Delta R technology is generally capable to sense contaminants and provide highly reliable classification.

Technical Specification or Expertise Sought The company is looking for partners for creating and developing applications based on the Delta R technology, preferaby in the mentioned market of forensic technology.
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